Primary care, reimagined.
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Get care at your home or ours

Same-day appointments at our CloudClinics and 24/7 virtual care.

Choose your doctor based on your preferences, not your location

Every doctor is available at every CloudClinic and 24/7 online, so you can choose the doctor who suits you.

Seamless, modern, connected care

Making an appointment is as easy as ordering a rideshare, and your health data is securely accessible from anywhere.

Broad, comprehensive primary care

We’re not telehealth and we’re not an old-school doctor’s office - we’re the best of both.

What we offer

Primary care

Annual Wellness exams, check-ups for non-urgent concerns and connected healthcare plans for long-term chronic condition management.

Mental health

Judgement-free talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and medical supervision.

Labs and imaging

On-site tests and diagnostics.

Specialty care

Coming soon!


St. Louis

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What makes a CloudClinic so different from a traditional doctor's office?

The Rezilient app

We guide you through booking the most appropriate appointment for your clinical need.
We won’t send you to a CloudClinic if a telehealth appointment will work.

The CloudClinic

No waiting rooms - just use the app to enter the CloudClinic.

The appointment

The nurse takes your vitals and launches your appointment with your remote physician on the big screen.

The follow-up

Schedule a follow-up with the same doctor via telehealth.