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With a Rezilient membership, appointments and labs are affordable and fees are transparent. No insurance required.
Modern Primary Care membership
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Primary Care visit
Urgent Care visit
(with membership and appointment)
Ear irrigation - $15/ear
Blood draw - $3
Blood glucose - $9
Pregnancy test - $7
Urinalysis - $10
EKG - $15
COVID19 antigen 
+ Flu A + B - $65
COVID19 antigen - $35
Strep - $7
The labs and tests listed above are a selection of the most common ordered by our physicians. For a complete list, email us at members@rezilienthealth.com


Your membership fee allows us to make sure your modern primary care is fast, convenient and high-quality.

A dedicated Care Coordinator
Your membership fee gives you a high-touch, personal service for insurance and billing navigation, advice on provider selection, and specialist booking and referral management.

Longer appointment times
Your membership fee means our physicians have fewer patients, so they can spend more time getting to know you for personalized care.

24/7 access to your care team
Your membership fee means we can offer messaging tools for 24/7 access to expert healthcare.

Wellness advice and resources
Your membership fee means we can create useful, interesting resources for your whole-body health and wellness.
*No lock-in contracts, cancel at any time.
The Membership Fee covers costs associated with personal services that enhance your healthcare experience, tools to facilitate access to healthcare services, and certain on-demand telehealth services, but are typically not covered by or billed to insurance. Payment of a Membership fee is not a requirement to access care at Rezilient.