Why we're building Rezilient culture-first

September 23, 2021

Company culture–what even is it and how do we know if we’re getting it right?

This conversation has buzzed around the Rezilient offices a lot lately. We’re growing our team and our operations right now and we want to get the right company culture foundations in place from the start.

Just by intentionally having these conversations, it turns out that we already do.

We want our reputation to precede us, both internally and externally. Sure, marketing is important to get customers in the door, but genuinely living up to our values as a company and a collection of diverse individuals is vital. 

So what are they? 

Growth is core to everything we’re building at Rezilient. This is important for us in a business sense of course, but it’s arguably even more important for our people. We see our people as vital to our success as a company, a brand and as a healthcare service. 

We want our people to own their work and drive towards their own personal goals. Being a lean, agile company means that we can all get our hands dirty in areas that may not have been in our original job descriptions. Across the board–from engineering to marketing to real estate–we’ve all developed a deeper understanding of our own talents and strengths by working alongside our colleagues to problem-solve, brainstorm, research and understand how to drive Rezilient forward. 

Trust and transparency is another big one. Our leaders have more than an open-door policy, they don’t even have doors. Danish and Jeff work in the main office space alongside the rest of the team. We don’t clock in and clock out, the work happens when and where it suits each person.

Everyone gets a voice at Rezilient. We’re a diverse team from diverse backgrounds and we want to hear perspectives from everyone. Every team member brings a unique life experience to the table and contributes to building a team and a company that values differing opinions and new ways of approaching problems.

Ultimately, we believe that company culture is more than slogans plastered on the office walls, communal fruit bowls and ping pong tables. It’s being genuinely proud of what we’re doing and who we’re doing it with. 

Photo by Anthony Indraus on Unsplash