Why does Rezilient want to change access to healthcare?

March 26, 2021

After his father became sick, Rezilient’s founder, Dr Danish Nagda, found himself often at the doctor’s office as a primary caregiver. In one year, he spent nearly 5000 minutes taking his father to and from doctors’ appointments — but only a small fraction of that time was spent actually interacting with a doctor.

So isn’t telehealth the obvious solution here? The pandemic has predictably increased telehealth uptake and while it seems like it promises to solve the travel and waiting room problem for patients, the solutions available seemed to still be early in their maturity.

What Danish realized as he kept on digging deeper — was that telehealth was just FaceTime. When you go to a doctor’s office, they do more than just talk to you. They examine you. They do diagnostic testing, like looking at your ears or listening to your heart and lungs or performing ultrasound. There’s more physicality to it.

So Rezilient’s solution is to be a hybrid approach — build neighborhood hubs close to where people are, get rid of waiting rooms and develop a diagnostic system to allow doctors to control the appointment remotely.

We’re on a mission to make accessing quality healthcare timely, convenient, seamless and tech-forward.

Our customers can either make a same-day appointment in one of our neighborhood hubs, or 24/7 in their home via telehealth. Every doctor is available at every location through enhanced telehealth, and a technician is onsite to do the hands-on diagnostics with the doctor.

Why are we doing this? In short, to bring quality healthcare closer to you. We believe people should be able to access the care they need, where they want it. We want to be close to where people live, work and shop. We want to stop people from having to waste time in transit and in waiting rooms, and give them more time back to spend with the ones they love.

We also believe in making the experience better for doctors. This is the first time that doctors will have the convenience of telehealth with an extra pair of hands. And in the future, we’ll be introducing cutting-edge robotics to give doctors unprecedented control over the exam, remotely.

Imagine what Danish and his father could have done with those 5000 minutes back — that’s the reason Rezilient wants to change access to healthcare.

We’re offering limited foundation memberships for our first Miami hub. Find out more about how you can join us to transform your healthcare experience by visiting rezilienthealth.com today.