Who is Rezilient?

March 13, 2021

At Rezilient, our purpose is clear: to make accessing quality healthcare timely, convenient, seamless and tech-forward.

Danish and Jeff - our founders - have experienced first-hand how our current healthcare system can fail to meet the needs of patients and their families. They realized that to deliver the highest quality healthcare close to home, there must be a better way to do it than either the traditional brick-and-mortar model and the telehealth offerings that have proliferated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You know how it feels like you spend hours in the waiting room to see a doctor? A study by Harvard Medical School says that estimate is not far off: the average doctor’s appointment takes around two hours of your time, of which only about 17 minutes is actually spent speaking to a doctor. The rest is taken up with paperwork, travel, paying and waiting.

While the pandemic saw a rapid adoption of telehealth for obvious reasons, visits plateaued at between 5% and 13% of private insurance claims. As convenient as it is for patients and cost-saving for physicians, the same reasons keep coming up for doctors resisting its consistent use: the ability to perform objective physical assessments. 

So Danish and Jeff put their medical and engineering skills to work, and Rezilient Health was born.

Rezilient bridges the current gap between in-person care and telehealth by virtually beaming your doctor into any of our neighborhood hubs. Your doctor can be anywhere, while the hubs are conveniently placed close to where you live, work and shop. 

If you decide to schedule your appointment at one of the hubs, you’re greeted there by one of our technicians, who takes your vitals and launches your appointment with your doctor. Your doctor appears on a large monitor and guides the technician to perform hands-on diagnostics, giving you in-person care from a distance. 

There are no waiting rooms, and bookings and payments are done entirely through the app. There’s no need to travel to multiple clinics to see multiple doctors - they can all come to you at the same neighborhood hub.

While we’re a tech-driven company, our first priority is our customers’ health. We’re constantly refining our technology and making every interaction a customer has with us seamless, convenient and high quality, ultimately giving our customers more time back in their day and making it more likely that they’ll focus on their physical and mental wellbeing.

We’re launching our first neighborhood hub in Miami this summer. Miami is the perfect place for Rezilient - tech-forward, health-conscious people who have better things to do than sit in a doctor’s waiting room. We’re excited to offer them an alternative to traditional healthcare that will give them time back to enjoy the sun, sand and style in their city.

We’re offering limited foundation memberships for our first Miami hub. Find out more about how you can join us to transform your healthcare experience by visiting rezilienthealth.com today.