We just closed our $2.5m seed round. Here's what that means.

August 24, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that Rezilient Health has closed its oversubscribed $2.5M seed funding led by Unseen Capital, with participation from Techstars, Headwater VC, The Council and The Living Fund.  With this capital, we plan to expand our engineering and software development teams and kick-start the roll out of our CloudClinics, right here at home in the St. Louis area.

What are CloudClinics?

While the pandemic saw a rapid adoption of telehealth for obvious reasons, the number of primary care visits decreased overall. Patients appreciate the convenience and physicians recognize the cost savings, but the latter has resisted consistent use for one primary reason: the inability to perform objective physical assessments. 

CloudClinics are a hybrid approach: physical, strategically located spaces paired with diagnostic systems that allow doctors to control appointments remotely.

When a patient arrives at a CloudClinic, they aren’t met with a waiting room but instead, by a nurse who facilitates the high-touch aspects of the appointment, like taking vitals and labs. The doctor appears on a large monitor, while the nurse acts as the doctor’s hands.

Physicians can perform objective physical assessments and care is now more accessible. 

But what makes CloudClinics especially unique is the Rezilient cloud health platform. With our technology, doctors can remotely listen to a patient's heart or examine their eardrum with integrated digital medical devices. Everyone—patient, nurse and doctor—are seeing the same thing, in real-time.

Launching in St. Louis

Our first CloudClinics are launching in partnership with major employers in the Saint Louis area. These same employers will simultaneously begin offering concierge primary care as an employee benefit. Clinics will be strategically placed near employee workplaces and in their local neighborhoods, effectively making it easier for them to access care. 

Our first Saint Louis area CloudClinics will launch in fall 2021, offering primary care, urgent care and mental healthcare. National roll-out in partnership with other major employers is slated for 2022. 

Our thanks

This is a big moment, not just for the Rezilient team but our extended family. We thank our investors and advisors for believing in us and we cannot wait to fundamentally change how people access care. 

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Photo by Markus Zadina on Unsplash