The Benefits and Future of Near-Site Health

April 2, 2021

While telehealth has been around for a while, a year of a global pandemic has seen many of us suddenly become a lot more familiar with it.

Telehealth certainly comes with advantages over visiting a clinic during a global health crisis. Being able to speak to your doctor via video means you can access the care you need while staying home and helping keep your community (including your doctor) healthy. It’s like a house call without the travel.

Your costs around travel, parking, childcare, time away from work, time sitting in a waiting room are all gone with telehealth. One study by the Oregon Health and Science University showed that on average, $86.64 is saved every time a patient receives primary care or urgent care online versus going to an ER or urgent care clinic. (source)

Pandemic aside, if you have a chronic health condition, the convenience of telehealth makes for a much more nuanced self-care plan and much more data for your physician to decide on the right healthcare plan for you.

All of these benefits, along with improving timeliness of appointments, reducing the burden on emergency rooms, and smartphones being near ubiquitous, means telehealth is here to stay.

But like any new system, it does have its limitations.

Depending on the system, on-demand telehealth services can leave you bouncing from physician to physician which means the continuity of your care could be compromised. It could be harder for you to build an ongoing relationship with a physician who knows your medical history.

And there are some things that simply can’t be done virtually — things that are recurrent or ‘high talk’ like prescription refills or mental health are great for telehealth. But ‘high touch’ appointments requiring vital physical components like listening to your heart and lungs, performing an ultrasound on your abdomen, and drawing blood for labs simply can’t happen on video.

So there’s a chance that your telehealth visit might require you to visit a clinic anyway.

Rezilient has planted a flag firmly in the middle ground with our near-site plus virtual care neighborhood hubs: what we see as the future of healthcare.

Our hubs offer the best of both worlds: all the benefits of telehealth with the advantage of a technician at every location who can perform the hands-on physical components.

While near-site clinics are often set up to serve just the employees of an enterprise-scale company, we’ve chosen the locations of our neighborhood hubs near to where you live, work and shop. So even if your employer doesn’t offer a Rezilient membership as part of your benefits package (yet) you can enjoy the convenience of accessing the healthcare you need, wherever you want it.

We believe that accessing quality healthcare should be timely, convenient and seamless. With a Rezilient membership our near-site healthcare is going to shape your healthcare journey. We’re offering limited foundation memberships for our first Miami hub. Find out more about how you can join us to transform your healthcare experience by visiting today.

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