Primary Care, Redefined.

At Rezilient, our purpose is clear: to make accessing quality healthcare timely, convenient, seamless and tech-forward.

Rezilient combines the most important parts of in-person care with the most convenient parts of telehealth.

While we’re a tech-driven company, our first priority is our members’ health. We’re constantly refining our technology and making every interaction a member has with us seamless, convenient and high quality, ultimately helping to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Redefining Convenient

We're redefining convenient in every interaction our members have with us.

All of our doctors are available at every CloudClinic, and 24/7 via virtual care. That means as a Rezilient member, you can choose your doctor based on your preferences, not your location.

Every step of scheduling, payment and checking into a CloudClinic at your appointment time is streamlined through the app, and our CloudClinics are located close to where you live, work and shop.

Redefining Member Care

You won’t spend hours in waiting rooms (because we don’t have any).

You spend more time with your physician ensuring that all your concerns are addressed.

We always use the most convenient channel to meet your clinical need and we won’t make you come to our CloudClinic if a telehealth visit at home works.

We want every interaction our members have with Rezilient to be personal and free from judgement.

Redefining Innovation

We use digital tools that link to the big screen in our CloudClinics so you see what the doctor sees.

You're involved in the diagnostic and decision making process of your own health, right from the start.

With our roots in robotic engineering, we're constantly innovating so our customers are the first to experience our robotic telehealth technology.

Rolling out progressively, our robotic diagnostic tools are going to change the way healthcare is delivered.

Our leaders are carers too

Founded by physicians, engineers and carers, we know what it means to care.

Our founders, Danish and Jeff, have experienced first hand how our current healthcare system can fail to deliver when it's most needed.

They realized that to deliver the highest quality healthcare close to home, they needed to bridge the gap between in-person care and current telehealth offerings.


Get to know the the Rezilient team

Danish Nagda, MD

Founder & CEO

Danish is a physician and caregiver for his father. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Since the beginning of his ENT residency at Washington University in St Louis, he has served in advisory roles for Doximity, Inventr, and Enterprise Bank & Trust. Prior to founding Rezilient, Danish founded Schoology, the first social learning platform, which now has over 20 million users in 130 countries.

Jeff Gamble, PhD

Founder & CTO

Jeff is a graduate of Duke University and Washington University in St Louis, where he leveraged biological neural networks, machine learning, and signal processing to investigate new interventions for functional disabilities. Prior to founding Rezilient, Jeff founded SnapPEAS, an AI-based mobile app for healthy meal planning, and has consulted for startups, accelerators, and early-stage technology startups.

Sar Ruddenklau

Head of Brand and Communications

Sar is an experienced brand designer/strategist and content creator who worked with large agencies such as AKQA (AUS) before establishing her own brand design collective. She has had diverse experience with large and small brands, from Mercedes and Visa to early stage startups, along with several years experience in TV and video.

Ilker Tunay, PhD

Director of Engineering

Ilker is a seasoned technologist who has had an impactful 20 year career in developing medical devices, robotics, and therapeutics. As an expert in control systems, mechanical design, and simulation of mechanics, heat and mass transfer, and electromagnetics, he was critical in the design, development, and commercialization of a telerobotic surgical platform for cardiac interventions at Stereotaxis before joining the Rezilient team.

Mohit Lala

R&D Engineer

Mohit previously worked as an engineer for Strayos, a drone-based intelligent mining solution startup, before he joined the Rezilient team. He has diverse experience in the fields of robotics, embedded systems, firmware and web development, having completed 70 plus robotics projects and over 5 years of experience building robotic and embedded systems.