Bridging The Digital Divide

November 16, 2021

For Arizona-based physician Dr Francesco Rivera, practicing medicine has always been centered around building a strong relationship with his patients.

“It's about having an honest conversation with my patients and being at their level,” he says, “I don't always want to be an authority figure. I'm a human being. So being able to connect is being able to just be truthful and forthcoming and being able to understand the most important goals or situations in a patient's life to try to make that connection.”

How does Dr Rivera think telehealth has changed the way he communicates with patients? For many, it’s made going to the doctor much more accessible, but for others it’s opened up a digital divide. He found that telehealth alone was rarely enough to give his patients quality care and create the trust he wanted. 

“Telehealth is not the same being with a person in the room and being able to have a conversation,” he says, “what this has created really has been a communication barrier, and when that’s combined with the tech learning curve for doctors it can turn into a total communication breakdown.” 

“For me, the question has always been: how can we improve healthcare?” he continues. “How can we improve access and provide quality of care to our patients at the same time? And we have known for quite some time that telehealth in some form is really going to be the future of medicine.”

From the first meeting with the Rezilient team, Dr Rivera realized how the CloudClinic model would be a game-changer for both patients and doctors. Rezilient’s omnichannel care delivery model with the hands-on support of the CloudClinic nurse can offer him the opportunity to create a better connection with his patients that telehealth alone can’t.

“When Rezilient brought up their proposal of not only caring for our patients in a brick and mortar place but also remote, it really caught my attention”, he continues. “I saw how I could work with a company that’s looking to be the first on the grounds of innovation, help them succeed and be part of that success. It was a natural draw for me to be on the forefront of medicine.”

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