Modern healthcare benefits for happy, healthy employees.

Increase employee retention with premium healthcare benefits
Reduce employee absenteeism with convenient same-day, no-wait appointments
Improve your benefits and cost management strategies with a tech-enabled healthcare solution
One annual fee for unlimited access to Cloud Clinics and telehealth
Compatible with most insurance for a full concierge experience

What to expect at a Rezilient Cloud Clinic

No waiting rooms, no hassle, just an incredible healthcare experience.

Let’s say your employee wants to see a doctor because they're concerned about a mole on their arm.

In the app, we help them determine the most convenient channel for their clinical need. We won't make them come to a Cloud Clinic if at-home telehealth works.

In this case, given the need for a physical exam, we recommend visiting one of our Cloud Clinics.

They pick the Primary Care Physician and schedule an appointment at a Cloud Clinic that’s most convenient for them.

When they arrive, they use our app to enter the Cloud Clinic directly.

They'll never have to sit in a waiting room (because we don't have any).

Our onsite technician takes their vitals and launches their appointment with their remote Primary Care Physician.

Our technician assists the remote Physician to evaluate their skin. With our digital clinical tools, they get to see what their Physician sees in real time on the Cloud Clinic's screen.

They discuss the findings with their Physician and come up with a plan. Our technician gets labs and sends off scripts.

They schedule a follow-up with the same Primary Care Physician via telehealth.

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